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This 8-week online learning journey connects you to the primal force in The Rhythms of Africa. You will find answers to your life questions and you will be empowered to optimally use your full potential.

Unknown wisdom and power are present within you. Why wouldn’t you want to tap into that? Now is your chance to learn to optimally use all your inner capabilities. In the realization of the dreams in your heart. In the creation of a brighter world for everyone. Because the more successful you are in managing your human beingness and what you do with pure passion, the more positive and powerful the impact you have on your direct environment and the world at large.

Are you ready to reconnect with your full potential?

Audio-album and book

As a Creator in the online learning journey you will also receive the audio album The Rhythms of Africa. Once it is published you will also receive the e-book This is my true Africa, written by Carole. And of course, you are our guest at the (online) premiere of the documentary.