Afric An Expedition into the Heart of the World THE RHYTHMS OF

Slide A sparkling documentary filmmaker and a transformation coach. Together they are Joy at the Roots of Life.
About Sandra
Foto Sandra Korse

Sandra Korse (1978) was trained as a business administrator and completed her studies as a filmmaker in 2019. She films intuitively and prefers to be part of the experience that she is filming.

People refer to her as a sparkling personality who invites your soul to speak. She listens with her heart and has a talent for interviewing people on deep soulful subjects. A few of the responses to her debut film A million steps for love: “Masterfully filmed”, “What a beautiful film, impressive”, “I was deeply moved.

Her heart is filled with joy if she can make movies that touch the heart. The Expedition in The Rhythms of Africa offers exactly that.

It is her dream to share experiences of people who live from their innermost being. Stories of people who contribute to the creation of a brighter world in their own unique way. Pioneers who inspire others. It is their time to be heard and seen. Because they open the heart, touch the soul and raise the level of awareness.

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About Carole
Foto Carole Donkers

Carole Donkers (1976) is a transformation coach. She guides leaders worldwide to increase their inner creation power. After obtaining a Master in Educational Science, she developed a passion for experiential learning and Self-mastery.

At the age of twelve Carole reads the book ‘Roots’, about the life of the Gambian boy Kunta Kinte. Her question: why do people in Africa need the help of ‘the West’? She decides to go to Africa one day to find the answer.

In 2010 that intention is put into action and she travels to the North of Ghana, to stay there for more than ten years. Together with the local leaders of transformation, she forms Creators 4 Humanity, a co-creative community of self-aware pioneers who are successful with inner creation power. She describes her experiences, lessons and insights in the book ‘This is my true Africa’.

Carole won the competition ‘Best social business plan’. Her concept was selected as one of the first 25 New Business Models in the Netherlands (2013). In 2018 she received the World Humanitarian Award.

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Co-creative Experience

Ever since they were a child, the Dutch Sandra Korse and Carole Donkers both feel that they want to contribute to a brighter world. Following their inner voice, Sandra ends up in South Africa and Carole in the North of Ghana. Africa helps them in finding answers to the questions that life in their country of origin did not answer.

It is their common dream to share what they have learned from and in Africa with a wider audience. And at the same time to further develop themselves as a person, to use their passion and talent optimally and to co-create with African talent.

The Rhythms of Africa – An Expedition into the Heart of the World formed itself in the connection between these two passionate women who followed their hearts into Africa.

The Rhythms of Africa symbolises the original and authentic way of life on the African continent. It is also the title of the audio album that was co-created in 2018 between Carole Donkers and Creator 4 Humanity Mwintombo.

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