Afric An Expedition into the Heart of the World THE RHYTHMS OF

Slide Will you be part of The Rhythms of Africa? On 1 February 2021 two inspired women embark on an expedition to beautiful Ghana. The mission? Documenting the life of Carole Donkers in her true Africa.
This unique adventure is filmed and will result in a documentary. You can follow them as they move through Ghana, by actively participating in an online learning journey or by contributing financially.
In search for the authentic Africa

Throughout life, Carole Donkers felt lost. A stranger in her own country. Always on the go to something. But to what? There was a deep, unfulfilled desire. A void. A missing link. Disconnection is the word that best describes her feelings. During her “voyage of discovery to find the true Africa” ​​she found all her answers.

Your life doesn’t have to be such a huge quest. You don’t have to travel the world to find your answers. There is no destination you must go to. Everything you need to live freely and fulfil your true mission is already within you. Now.

“It is this vision and Carole’s life story that inspires, intrigues and needs to be shared with the world”, according to Sandra Korse.

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Sandra is a documentary filmmaker with a mission to share stories of pioneers who contribute to raising the level of awareness on Earth. Carole is such a pioneer. A courageous, soulful woman who follows her heart and looks at Africa in such a beautiful way that it has to be shared with the world. Like no other she is capable of translating her experiences into valuable lessons and deep insights into our humanity. And always based on the intention to create a brighter world for all of us.

On the 1st of February 2021 they will start their adventure in North Ghana. A journey in which life questions, co-creation and experiential learning are the central focus points. Sandra films Carole as she moves through her Ghana and shapes her dreams in co-creation with the local leaders of transformation.

You can join this Expedition in The Rhythms of Africa online. A unique opportunity to experience the creation process towards a full-length documentary, to develop yourself and to support talent in Ghana!

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Slide Will you be joining?
The step into the unknown can be exhilarating. But once you have started your journey, you will only want to travel further and dive deeper.
Traveling in The Rhythms of Africa

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